The Quikcoup grooved system

The Quikcoup grooved couplings and fittings system, is one of the advanced piping connection methods of today. It is reliable, versatile and economical and enables Quikcoup to be a leading brand name in the market.

One system for all applications

The Quikcoup grooved system is designed to enable a fast, reliable and economical pipe connection for:

  • Sprinkler (wet- & dry sprinkler systems, automatic sprinkler,..)
  • Industrial applications (process pipes, sewer lines, compressed air lines,...)
  • Drinking water
  • HVAC (Cooling water and refrigeration lines)
  • Heating systems
  • Snowmaking equipment
  • Civil engineering
  • And a lot more applications

Unique, economical and fast!

The System

The advantages of the Quikcoup grooved system are:

  • Innovative design enables simple, fast and inexpensive installation.
  • No need for special tools or training. Only need of one 17 / 19 mm wrench
  • Fast assembly by using the unique Quikcoup patented one-bolt couplings product line
  • Substantial savings in both time and money resulting from elimination of the need for welding and threading
  • Flexibility in layout of lines in difficult conditions
  • Reduce noise and vibration transmission and enable self restraining connection
  • No risks of leaks due to temperature changes or movements caused by shaking or rocking
  • Enables use of thin-walled pipes, reducing both weight and price
  • One system for all applications

Quikcoup - The fastest leak-tight connection

Once the pipes are grooved, a pressure responsive gasket is stretched over the pipes ends.
As the Quikcoup hinged couplings halves clamped the gasket and the nut fastened, the pressure responsive gasket is slightly compressed to form an excellent leak-tight connection.

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Quikcoup products are certified by the leading certification agencies for fire protection sprinkler systems, drinking water and many other applications.

  • FM - FM Insurance Company Limited
  • UL - UL.COM
  • VDS - Vertrauen durch Sicherheit
  • CNBOP - Polish Centre of Accreditation
  • EC Declaration of Conformity Category I, Module A, Group 2 (Issued In Accordance with the Pressure Equipments Directive (PED) 97/23/EC)
  • Electrical Continuity acc. to clause 11.2 of EN 61386-1 (TGM, Austria)
  • Electrical Continuity acc. to EN 60947-7-2:09 & EN 60947-1:07 (Electrosuise, Switzerland)
  • Modgal Metal (99) Ltd. is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001/2004 certified

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